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My work examines how the characteristics of fluidity communicate identity and memory through the perspective of objects.  I internally project my imperfections, empathies, and retentions onto these derelict or forgotten objects—externally projecting to the viewer my ego through manipulation of movement and material.  Ultimately this process is an expression of how I interpret spirituality and the human condition. 


The sculptures are fabricated primarily of wood and steel, using mechanical elements such as motors, gears, and other hardware to facilitate interaction between an object and a fluid.  Fluidity references the infinite and alludes to the ever-increasing flux experienced in social and personal identity.  The object overshadows an innate and universal struggle for self-importance.   What brings them together is the rational mechanism that is bound to my empathetic hand.   With these tools I look to reconstitute fading memories from our fleeting consciousness, construct moments that can engage both the rational and emotional mind, and engineer a self-condition where my existence echoes that of my artistic research. 

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